Marvel Superheroes Are Sharing Their On-set Footage After Endgame Spoiler Ban Lifted

Who misses the Avengers already?

It seems so surreal to imagine the decade long superhero series is finally seeing its end. Endgame left all of us both fulfilled and devastated because so many sacrifices were made and, to quote Tony Stark, "Everybody wants a happy ending, right? But it doesn't always roll that way."

And no death is ever timely, not even after all those fan-theory-building moments, all the times we spent bracing ourselves for the epic last battle and that one last snap.

Since the spoiler ban has been lifted this Monday as Marvel had announced, stars from the Avengers series began posting pictures and footages of their time filming the movie. There was a lot of green scenes, laughter, and drunk Thor.

Superheroes' seats. (Where's mini ant-man seat?!)

And here's the whole team.

Star Lord decided that human spoiler ban will not affect him in anyway.

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Just in case that you guys can't get enough of it, Spiderman: Far From Home will premier on July 2 continuing Phase 4 of MCU. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson who played Thor and Valkyrie will return on the same screen for Men in Black: International premiering on June 14.