These 30 Most Epic 3D Tattoos Will Make You Go 'Wow'

The inception of 3D technology was revolutionary. While technology enthusiasts were excited about 3D printing, the art world was working on their own version, 3D tattoos. This inking technique is constantly evolving which makes it look so cool.

Pioneering tattoo artists like Jesse Rix and Winston The Whale, have created designs that are worthy to look at twice. Some look so astonishingly real as if there were a real butterfly perched on the skin. Others trick our minds with their mindbending optical illusions that distort the body in ways previously unimagined.

We have compiled some intricate and incredible designs that might give you inspiration if you are looking to have your next ink.

#1 Would Love To Keep Doing Pieces Like This With The "Old" Tattoos

jesse_rix -Via

#2 Finally Got The Tattoo I’ve Always Wanted

blakerjames -Via

#3 Finger Candles

jakconnollyart -Via

#4 Small Realistic Tattoo

tattoo.joan -Via

#5 Amazing Cat Tattoo. It's An Awesome Work, It Pops Off The Skin

amazingmicrotattoos -Via

#6 Would Love To Have This One Too

benthomasart -Via

#7 3D Tattoo

tattoo_master_supply -Via

#8 This Optical Illusion Is Perfect As A Tattoo

moroztattoo -Via

#9 Impressive Realistic Tattoo Filled With 3D Blocks -Via

#10 Amazing Glass Tattoo

nicomariani_tattoo -Via