Embroidery Tattoos Are The New Thing And They Look Cooler Than They Sound

Two art forms. Both worlds apart have been combined to form masterpieces that look cooler than they sound. Embroidery, a classical art often involved with grannies has been combined with the tattoo skills to create a unique folky design that is simply beautiful.

While some may be quick to brush it off, a glance at the designs is evidence enough for the great artistic touch involved in inking these patterns. The rich textured designs take an almost 3D look as the ink looks like it has been sewn into the skin bringing the ‘pop’ out appearance.

Many tattoo artists use a timeless technique that uses a series of tiny x’s which when combined bring out a bigger picture. Check out some of these amazing embroidery tattoos for some inspiration.


polo_tatts -Via


yomera1 -Via


dudalozanotattoo -Via


yomera1 -Via


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dudalozanotattoo -Via


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dudalozanotattoo -Via