11 Popular Photos That The Whole World Was Duped Into Think They Were Real

#6. A dog sleeping on the grave of its owner every night for 7 years

When it was first posted, this photo had almost 60,000 likes and more than 55,000 shares. Users were moved by the loyalty of the dog. The caption said that the dog named captain had been visiting its owner’s grave for the last 7 years and sleeping there till morning. This photo is absolutely real, so is the dog.
However, there is no connection, the same story has been linked to a different dog on a grave as well. The story was first shared by a Spanish Newspaper La Voiz in September 2012.

#7. “A typical day in Russia”

© Moaml99 / reddit -Via

The photo is absolutely real. It was taken in the Czech Republic and uploaded unedited. However, you’d be surprised to know that the bear is fake. 2 Greenpeace activists wore costumes. The ‘bear’ was part of a ‘save the Arctic’ campaign around European cities. It walked to attract attention from onlookers.

#8. A goose frozen to a pipe warmed a puppy with its wing

© Suzanne PadaPetra / facebook -Via

Hundreds of thousands of users rushed to like and like this photo of a goose that allegedly froze to a pipe and was warming a puppy with its wing. The pair was allegedly spotted in Montana.

While the photo looks real, the facts surrounding it are not very convincing. These pictures have been on Chinese websites since 2017 while the earliest post was made in March 2017. In the Chinese platform, the text under the photos says that the puppy was sitting on the side of the road, freezing. Ducks were passing by and the puppy ran toward one of them, like a mother it covered it with its wing.

The website also allows everyone to give their own description which means it’s almost impossible to find out if the story is real or made up.

#9. A mountain shaped like a turtle head

© GlacierNPS / flickr © Pixabay.com

Amazing nature posted a photo on their Facebook account that showed a mountain that looks like a turtle. The post made in January 2019 went viral but this mountain doesn’t really exist. The photo was made by combining several pictures, some of them are shown below.

#10. A megalodon’s tooth in whale vertebrae

© GallowBoob / reddit -Via

The photo above went viral, showing what looks like a megalodon’s tooth and a whale’s bone. In reality, the photos were found in different places at different times. One individual decided to combine them into one sculpture. Try to imagine how much a real meg’s tooth would cost, probably millions of dollars and it would be locked away in an archaeological museum.

#11. A cruise ship dumping waste into the sea

facebook -Via

This photo caused a massive uproar on Facebook when it was uploaded not long ago. It had a caption that said ‘this cruise ship is dumping waste right into the sea.’. Users were quick to leave bad comments that forced the national director on the environment in Uruguay to respond.
Through his twitter account, he explained that the cruise ship was starting its turbines in order to drop the anchor, the brown spots were sand and sludge stirred from the bottom.