People Share Pictures Of Their Newfoundlands, And It’s Crazy How Massive They Are

Ask any dog lover about a hound with massive size and large coats, and Newfoundlands quickly pop up in their head. However, you will come to understand that despite their sheer size, these dogs are just gentle giants. Newfoundlands are the fifth largest dogs in the world, standing at between 27-30 inches tall and weighing as much as 150 pounds.

Add a thick double coat that covers the tall height and you get yourself a giant dog. The breed, as their name suggests are native to the Canadian island of Newfoundland. Fishermen in the local population used the dogs on board and their ability to swim due to their partially webbed feet. It turns out, they made a wise choice as the dogs are kept warm by their fur and were strong enough to save a grown man from drowning. The dogs are also very loyal, making them an excellent choice for a family pet.

Newfoundlands have earned their place in history as well. In 1802 Lewis and Clark in their expedition brought along a Newfoundland named Seaman as they trekked 8,000 miles across America. The dog allegedly helped them hunt, guarded and even saved their lives against a rogue buffalo.

Newfoundlands are known to gain 100 pounds within the first year of life, which means you need to make sure there’s lots of dog food. Luckily, thereafter their metabolism slows down so does their calorie intake.

#1 Just A Newfoundland Taking His Pony For A Walk

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#2 Got Sebastian A Safety Vest Because People Need To Know He Is #notabear

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#3 16 Months Apart

mattsidesinger -Via

#4 Straight Not Giving A F***

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#5 It's Dalishush

#6 I Love It When My Newfie Meets A Smaller Dog

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#7 When The Lap Is Too Small For You But You Don't Mind Because You Are A God Boy -Via

#8 Thought A Bear Broke In. Nope, Just A Newfie

mugsymegasaurus -Via

#9 This Is A Newfoundland Dog. Not A Bear

maz -Via

#10 Ollie Likes To Come To Tennis Practice And Help Out

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#11 I Heard It Is Tongue Out Tuesday

petagogo -Via

#12 150 Pounds Later And He's Still A Lap Dog

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#13 It's A Bear! It's A Mammoth! No It's Giant Dog!

TheOneTrueQueen -Via

#14 Just Shaved My Newfoundland Look At His New Hair Style What A Dude

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#15 This Is Beyond A Head Tilt

asscher_thenewf -Via

#16 If There's Snow, The Newfie Will Sit

NickFromNewGirl -Via

#17 Me And My Bestie

meyvos -Via

#18 Buford And Wallace 11 Weeks Old

andyandtherman -Via

#19 Laying Down With My Newfie

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#20 My Boyfriend's Newfoundland Waiting To Go To The Beach

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#21 Tryna Live That Lap Dog Life! Dad May Be Smiling But On The Inside He's Saying 'Please Help Me, My Ribs Are Getting Crushed'

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#22 Look Behind You...

kernowbearsnewfoundlands -Via

#23 My Newfie Puppy Used To Fall Asleep With His Head In The Toilet

Createurlov -Via

#24 My Parents Newfie Pup Made It Pretty Clear That She's A Big Girl Already And Doesn't Like To Be Lifted Up

salty_carrot -Via

#25 Happy Thanksgiving

PinkyTaste -Via

#26 Honey At 14 Weeks Having A Hug With One Of Her Hoomans Cameron... Don't Think He Will Be Able To Pick Her Up For Much Longer!

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#27 That's A Queen-Sized Bed. And 175lb Newf.

#28 Ready For A Roadtrip

#29 A Bit Too Big For The Lap


#30 Just Taking A Peek

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